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Indian Fashion of women clothes has gone by various changes in fashion design and certainly attain great milestones. With the impact of western culture, we past the time of wearing only traditional outfits and have embraced the western fashion of dressing. Women’s clothing in india vary depending on local culture, local culture, and religion, also rural or urban settings.

I have gone by many style and fashion related article to compiled this list of so it can be helpful for all. So if you are a woman, or man who is interested in woman clothes fashion, then trust this blog and check out these articles. I guarantee you will be happy by what you find. If dressing up is style mantra of yours and you love everything about fashion, let’s talk about it now.

Fashion is entirely transparent. It is fun, it is confusing too sometimes & it never dies. Past Fashions are still worn by many women across the country & new fashions are designed every day. There is so many fashion styles, and we have come up with list of women clothing types.

Indian Ethnic wear:

1. sarees / saari

Saree or Sari is a customary female garment wtih different styles of draping, differ from 5 to 9 yards length. There are 80 recorded ways about how to wear a sari, also there are 30 types of regional sarees in India. Sarees are not only cloth to be draped, they are more than that. They have emotional connection. Nowadays women take sarees as a fasion statement or for gaga looks. So, If you like saari, you can wear it in both traditionally or modern way, becaus it will never go out of style.

A garment is a true mirror of a woman’s elegance, India is a treasure of different varieties of saree. And that is not all, every region has a differ saree draping style too. Each state boasts ways the saree can be draped. Hence, there is a wide range of styles.

Saree is weaved with the drift of culture and tradition of India. Saree is commonly worn by all kind of women. Saree is a ladies garment which embraces, making her look graceful and elegant. These sarees are important and represent indian culture but they have change and evolved significantly. Change is unavoidavble and generation is also changing so their tastes too. we can see combination of western culture and traditional culture.

  • Banarasi Silk Saree
  • Chanderi Saree
  • Tant Saree
  • Kanjeevaram Saree
  • Assam Silk Saree
  • Bhagapuri Silk Saree
  • Dhakai Jamdani Saree
  • Bandhani saree
  • Patola Sarees
  • Leheriya Sarees
  • Phulkari Sarees
  • Chikankari Sarees

1.Banarasi Silk Saree

If you want to wear traditional, can never go wrong with perennial classic, elegant weaves from age old handlooms of Banaras. The Banarasi silk saree. Styles come & go but Banarasi silk saree never go out of fashion. These sarees are the definition of befitting royalty. In fact, it’s believed that bride with Banarasi saree in her wedding trousseau always rule like queen.

Banarasi sarees come in fabric variations. They are:

  • Georgette

  • Katan

  • Organza with zari and silk

  • Shattir

banarasi silk saree
banarasi silk saree

2.Chanderi Saree

Chanderi Sarees is very popular, and they are essential part of woman’s wardrobe. Chanderi saree got its name from village in Madhya Pradesh, Chanderi. The region is famous for handlooms since ancient time. The fabric formeither of finr cotton or silk. Design of saree indicate pattern found in Chanderi Temple. Fabric is most preferred not during summer only, but also in winter.

Historical record show that Chanderi work is available since 11th century, source in mythology to Vedic time suggest that Chanderi was introduced by Shree Krishna’s cousin brother Shishupal. The most popular fabrics used in Chanderi saree are chanderi cotton, pure silk and silk cotton.

chanderi saree
chanderi saree

3.Tant Saree

Tant sarees are Traditional Bengali sari of Kolkata. It grow during Mughal time, however declined during British time. It again bloom after the British left. Today, tant saris are popular in Bengal and Bangladesh. Tant saree are made from pure cotton threads. Body of sari is of 6 meter & weaved with light cotton, border is made thick. Traditionally tant sarees were made with handlooms, while Today; it’s made with power looms. Tant saree sports paisley motifs and floral design in traditional form. Sometimes this saris come with embroideries. Various designs include zari peta pad having wide border with gold lace and maroon baluchuri.

Tant Sarees
Tant Sarees

4. kanjeevaram saree

Wonderful embroidery with golden thread generating beautiful contrast on varied colour will win hearts of all generation. The appeal of Kanjeevaram saree has been justified by actress Rekha who maintain to be a style fasion icon even in today. Owing the thick fabric & deep colours mixed with touch of gold, this sari is preferred for occasions and celebrations. Like most silk sarees, we can count on Kanchipuram or Kanjeevaram silk saree to be perfect outfit choice when we are looking for chic ethnic option.

kanjivaram saree
kanjivaram saree

5. Assam Silk Saree

The beaufiful fabric, known for durability and natural yellow golden tint, was once reserved for royalty only. In fact, it’s compared to as expensive as purchasing gold. After years, silk has managed to obtain more popularity, with Muga silk now become item for wedding function & traditional wear. Golden colour & shine of this fabric is the most unique feature. In fact, shine of fabric is said to enhance after each wash, this make Muga saree long lasting for lifetime, and also make it one of costliest silks.

assam silk saree
assam silk saree

6. Bhagapuri Silk Saree

Known as queen of fabrics, Bhagalpuri or we can say Tussar silk is beautiful forms of silk in India and received recognition from across the globe. Beauty of this fabric & reason for popularity is vibrancy of colours and intricacies of artwork that showcase essence of silk in purest & rawest form. Name is derived from town of Bhagalpur, located in Bihar. About 200 years ago, town was flooded with skilled weavers who weave special kind of silk which is Bhagalpuri Silk. Because of profitable silk production, this town became famous trade centers of East India Co. Because of this, Bhagalpur also known as “silk route”.

bhagalpuri silk saree
bhagalpuri silk saree

7. Dhakai Jamdani Saree

Sarees are important part of woman’s wardrobe and popular textile which boast history & heritage is Jamdani saree. Known as Dhakai Jamdani, art has roots in Dhaka. Deem to be finest muslin which is hand woven, art flourished under Mughal trade. Jamdani Name is Persian & comes from word “jam” means flower and “dani” means vase. Name is suggest floral motifs on sarees. Weaving of Jamdani is used foot and hand operated manual machine tool, that makes fabric ‘eco-friendly’ this process increases value and cost of the saree.

dhakai jamdani saree
dhakai jamdani saree


8. Bandhani Saree

bandhani is tie & dye technique from Gujarat, made across the state also in Rajasthan. It is used to make bandhani sari, with other fabrics & garment. Bandhani saree is rich and beautiful traditional sari that have reference during great Alexander times. Bandhani sari was first worn during royal marriage of Bana Bhatt Harshacharita. Term “bandhani” comes from Sanskrit word “banda” it means “to tie”.

bandhani saree
bandhani saree

9. Patola Sarees

Patan is place in Gujarat and it is famous for Patola Saree. Patola saree is the hand made Saree which is created in Patan. Patola Saris are famed for its attractive, subtle and clear pattern which is made with great skill. These saris are build with handlooms, and according to the design & pattern, it takes long time to make this saree. Patola sari is woven from silk famous as patola silk. Patola silks are made by handful of weavers from Patan & Surat known for zari work on them.

10. Leheriya Saree

Leheriya is old style of tie & dye practiced in Rajasthan, which result in colored fabric with unique great pattern. Technique get its name from word for ‘waves’ in rajsthani language because this dyeing technique produce wave patterns. Material is rolled diagonally & certain parts resisted by binding threads at short distance from eachother before cloth is dyed. If distance is shorter, then more skill is required for preventing colour from spilling. Process of dyeing is redp until necessary number of colours is gained.

11. Phulkari Saree

Phulkari, means ‘flower work’, it has history in Punjabi culture. From charkha to this embroidery style is patterned on shawls, chunris and kurtis. Main characteristics of embroidery are use of stitch on wrong side of fabric with colored silk thread. A fashion which finds first mention in romantic protagonists Heer & Ranjha, Phulkari is dream weaver for Punjabi girl. earlier, Phulkari work was hand crafted by women in punjab. Today it’s also mechanically produced in to reduce cost and produce larger quantities. Still, The most beautiful varieties are ones which handcrafted by artisans.

12. Chikankari Saree

The art of Chikankari isold form of floral embroidery, made with detailed work of needle & thread. Stand out and amazing art form that left many people captivated with outstanding aesthetic appeal. In centuries ago, this detailed white embroidery on transparent cloth has charmed personalities such as kings to the general people. It’s based & widely practised in heart of Northern India, named on capital city of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. In today’s age, this art is widely practised in city of Lucknow.

2. Salwar suits:

A woman’s wardrobe will certainly have at least one suit. There is no doubt because there is no way other option for a festival or wedding. Suits are our go to. Wearing a lehenga choli all the time can kill a bit but salwar suit would not ever hurt. The right trick is to choose a style that will suits our body. So here is a guide to pick the salwar suit designs for our body type.

Salwar Kameez are the most popular clothes among Indian Women ans it’s comfortable to wear. We can pair a salwar with short kurta, long kurta or even with a long tshirt. Be it a working women or a house wife, everyone preffer this.

The types of suits can be segmented on the basis of factors, like silhouette, color, fabric, work, designs, and patterns. For example, we can choose from different types of suits like the anarkali suit, the straight cut suit, the abaya suit, the Punjabi suit, and the Pakistani suit.

  • Straight Cut Salwar Suit
  • Anarkali Sui
  • Palazzo Salwar Su
  • Dhoti Style Salwar Suit
  • Chudidar Salwar Suit

1. Straight Cut Salwar Suit

Long straight cut salwar suits are all rage in this season, and it’s worn by Bollywood stars as well as by common people. Straight Cut Suits are creating buzz in fashion circuit. These splendors are elegent, smart, and make wearer look slimmer and taller. The best part about this type of Straight salwar suit outfit is that it complements all body type. Bollywood divas are may times seen in Straight Cut Suits outfit. We can pair straight cut suits with chudhidhar or palazzo depending on our body and preference. Straight cut suit could be any kind of fabric like net, georgette, raw silk, cotton silk, dhupian, chanderi, cotton silk, brasso and many other. Fabric can select accordingly to our need.

Straight cut salwar suits
Straight cut salwar suits

2. Anarkali Suit

Anarkalis is viewed as best ethnic clothing for function. It is stunning how Indian Anarkali can look chic if styled in the correct way. For midyear stylish look, avoid heavy designer suit and pick ones in great neutral. pick Anarkali made of fabrics like georgette & crepe. Anarkali are rage Now days, functions & weddings are incomplete without Anarkali Suit. Today’s, designs & style is impress many follower of Indian fashion, specially when it abour ethnic wear or party wear. Anarkali suit is made from finest of fabric to suit all Indian girls & women who want to look special in Indian outfit.

anarkali suit
anarkali suit

3. Palazzo Salwar Suit

Palazzos are long trouser, which is loose & wide at legs that flares from waist making it unusual from bell bottom pant that flares from knee. Palazzo can worn with Straight Cut Salwars suit and it gave awesome look. Palazzo salwar suits are perfect for every occasion. These pair is best for spring & summer season. Plazzo suits made their way to casual and formal both wear. The typical trousers are out of fashion now. If you want to try new with outfit then wear palazzos salwar suit for different and stylish look. Many celebrities have been spotted some times wearing palazzo salwar suit.

Palazzo Salwar Suit
Palazzo Salwar Suit

4. Dhoti Style Salwar Suit

Salwar suit with some tweaks in dhoti salwar style which make appearance in all Indian fashion designer collection. It will Paired with salwar suit, kurtis, open jackets, crop top and overlays, dhoti salwar is something for occasions when we want savvier chic look. Dhoti style dresses are trending in variations in pattern, fabrics, and cuts as per modern & contemporary style. Fashion in lehengas and crop tops have trended & has look trended paired with palazoo or dhot pants. Today, dhoti style salwar suits are worn for weddings, parties, festivals and many occasions.


dhoti style salwar suit
dhoti style salwar

5. Chudidar Salwar Suit

Churidar salwar is one type of Indian trouser. It has distinctive design which sets it apart from pants like pajamas. It’s usually fastened using adjustable drawstring & loose and baggy at top before tapering down in tight fit bottom. churidar is longer and tight fit results in unique bunch folds which resemble bangles or can say ‘chooris’, So the name is churidar. Churidar Suit is traditional dress worn by women. Churidar Suit also called Punjabi Suit. Churidar Suit Dress produce as comfortable and decent outfit in India, however it is hugely popular in whole world.


chudidar salwar suit
chudidar salwar suit

3. Kurti / Kurta:

There is one kurti for everyone and for every occasion. Kurtis is ethnic wear that we can wear as a party wear and a casual wear as well. let’s look at different types of kurta / kurti designs and some styling tips. Fashion- women got the opportunity to experiment with looks. They always want best for them.

Kurta and kurti make every girl’s wardrobe much prettier! A kurta / kurti is easy to wear and easy to style and also can be worn in many different occasions and functions. If you ever thought there aren not many different types of kurti / kurtas, you are mistaken girl.

But buying kurta perfectly is hard deal and you need to know body type perfectly. It’s not rocket science to understand own figure. So, here is types of kurtis that you should try.

  • Tail Cut Kurti
  • A-Line Kurti
  • Flared Kurti
  • Long Straight Kurti
  • Shirt Style Kurti
  • Slit Kurti

1. Tail Cut Kurti

Tail cut kurtin is trending for party. It’s short from one side & has tail effect on different side. Tail cut kurta or kurti is best western cloth option for Indian girls and women. For glamorous look, we can wear this kurti without bottom. This is the best kurtis people wear for functions. When we wear this kurti, we look trendy & gorgeous. It made its presence in the Bollywood with fashion icons, like Sonam Kapoor & Kangna Ranaut. It’s comfortable wear and we can accessorise with sunglasses, jewellery and flats.

tail cut kurti
tail cut kurti

2. A-line kurti

A-line kurtis is great for casual wear & can worn with Churidar, Leggings, Jeggings, Jeans, Salwar, etc. We can pair with Light jhumkas, flats and watch for elegant look. These kurtis are best for Pear shape body & Apple shape body. A-line kurti is long and reaching to ankle. It’s designed in “A” shape that has flares from waist. it’s great choice for all occasions also for cassual days. We can find huge collection of A line kurtis in various shades, colors, design, pattern and work.

A-line kurti kurta
A-line kurti kurta

3. Flared Kurti

Flares trendz put fashion on fire, wide flared kurtis style do wonder about looks. Flares are beauty and give rich, gorgeous look for party. Flared kurti look great on tall women. Its flares are greatly designed & crafted realty, with gorgeous work detailing of embroidery else thread work, which give whole rich look to worn in formal or informal any functions. The flared kurta looks good on tall women with thin and lean figure.

flared kurta kurti
flared kurta kurti

4. Long Straight Kurti

long straight kurti and are so popular. They make us look taller and gives professional look. avoid short sleeves on long kurta, as they look amazing with full sleeves. In latest days long straight kurtis are in full demand. long straight cut Kurtis are preferred and worn in daily wear. This kurtis are really comfortable & really flexible too. And give dual impression of ethnic yet sophisticated and modern yet stylish. The fabrics can flexibly from georgette to silk, chiffon to cottons.

Long Straight Kurti
Long Straight Kurti


5. Slit Kurti

They are new craze in fashion world. Slits are definite way to add glamour and sensuous to outfit. Slit Kurtis are great combination with palazzos or skirt. Pair with embroidered cigarette pant or ripped jeans & set style parameter ablaze. It also give more room for movement. If you have heavy. You could embellish slit with faux button, pearls or piping, highlight the design of kurti.

slit kurta kurti
slit kurta kurti


4. lehnga choli:

The lehenga is girl’s favourite outfit of festival and wedding season. Why not, they are preety, traditional, stylish and hassle-free to carry. Women love this gorgeous outfit is the variety it offers from the traditional zari work, embroidery, mirror work and bead work to the modern and chic ones with prints, sequins & shimmery fabric. you can style your lehenga anyway you like the most! If you are wearing lehnga in wedding, you could pair with kundan and other jewellery, you could also keep it simple with less accessories. If you are a bride to be or her Best Friend, you need pick lehenga according to your body type.

A lehenga is three piecedress which looks like long skirt called ghagra with work of beautiful beads, stones, embroidery, handwork and sequins. It’s teamed up with a dupatta and choli which enhances the look. Lehengas are considered as the lavish unit amongst all ethnic wear. Especially opted by bride to on their special day.

Here are some lehenga designs that work for the Indian body type.

  • Circular/ Flared Lehenga
  • Mermaid/ Fishtail Lehenga
  • Sharara cut Lehenga
  • Lehangas with a Jacket
  • Half Saree Lehenga

1. Circular/ Flared Lehenga

One traditional style, this type of lehenga has flare & forms complete circle at bottom. The Lehenga has volume & starts with pleats at the end that diffuse flares to goes down. If you like to custom design own lehenga, choose fabrics which take number of pleats & add huge borders at bottom. high embroidery on fabric would not be a nice choice. This lehenga is loved by all woman because of circular flared doll like silhouette. Charm of gorgeous Indian costume lies in swaying flare may be that is why, circular lehenga with beautiful wavy looks are popular.

Circular Flared Lehenga choli
Circular Flared Lehenga choli

2. Mermaid/ Fishtail Lehenga

Representing mermaids this lehenga is tight at knees & flare like fishtail. This lehenga is tighter at hips and waists and so must be worn with proper bodysuit. There are many different fishcut lehenga designs we can choose from. Flattering cut look glamorous and hip, that’s why it works when comes without additional decoration inform of embroidery. minimalistic plain fishtail lehenga design has grace and elegance which can not be matched.This unique style lehenga look resembles to tail of fish. this lehenga is also called jalpari lehenga.

Mermaid Fishtail Lehenga
Mermaid Fishtail Lehenga

3. Sharara cut Lehenga

With trends changing in market, these have evolved in categories of lehenga. These lehengas are stitched from middle of bottom like trouser or huge plazo however looks like lehenga as whole. These are worn with long kurti & mostly worn by muslim bride. In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh it’s known as Langa & part of dress Langa Voni. Sharara lenenga looks nice on pear shape, apple shape, hourglass body shape and rectangle shape. You can opt for it if have tall frame. Colours like green, red and turquoise are preferred colours for sharara lehenga.

Sharara cut Lehenga
Sharara cut Lehenga

4. Lehengas with a Jacket

The jacket trend suit style in future when limitation is ruled out. Long jackets with slits at both side so we can flaunt pants as well, like cigarette pants or palazzos or we can wear it with lehenga. jacket lehenga is inspired by traditional lacha lehenga that is most preferred tradition attire of Punjab & Pakistan. While traditional lehenga consists of long flowing skirt with small choli or blouse and dupatta, the lacha lehenga features longer blouse and length is till below the hips. jacket is made from net, silk, or chiffon and is embroidered with Zari, sequins, beads and stones.

jacket style lehenga
jacket style lehenga

5. Half Saree Lehenga

Wearing Lehenga in saree style is in trend now, this year this trends became more glam & fusion techniques to new look for half saree lehenga. Half saree styles is combination of saree and lehenga, wear saree like half saree with lehenga. They are alternative of Lehenga Choli, Half saree Lehenga are suitable for event like marriage, family function and even bridal cam dressed in. The thing that keep on mind that Half Sarees reduce amount of time to wear because normal saree can take more time than half saree.

half saree choli
half saree choli


Western Wear:

1. Tops:

Hello, This time let’s talk about our favourite clothing item tops. Yes, tops are available in every women’s wardrobe. They make us look stunning and easiest to be worn. You have any body type, sizes or shape, depending on the occasion and need, tops always comes handy.

Beauty lies in eye of beholder, but it is not a crime if we enhance our looks. After all, we striving towards self love and perfection more than ever. Let also point out how it important to know your body shape. You should know it before go shopping, So, u can save a lof of unwanted buying.

  • Tees – Tshirt
  • Shirt
  • Crop Top
  • Speghetty top

1. Tees – Tshirt

We all know that when it about custom apparel, there are so many options out there. Tshirt and what we call “tees” are most popular and com,fortable top wear. Earlier there is only plain or pre designed tsirts are available in market. However now we can customized it according to our requirement, we can add our favourite logo or any quotes we love. So many people shop for couple tsirt or tsirt for whole group, so they can flaunt it. And this process is not that much costly, You can create the version of your choice tees while staying in budget.

thirt tees
thirt tees

2. Shirt

Shirt is very popular apparel, in old time it’s mostly worn by men but now a days women also has so many style and option in shirts. Shirt is popular to wear in formal occasion however it’s also worn for casual function or day out. There are so many different style in shirts like print, checks, linning, plain, plaid and list never ends. In all the different material cotton shirts are most popular because of comfort. Shirts are popular as world’s oldest garment made for highly sophisticated people.


3. Crop Top

Crop tops are cute, peppy, they are ones we reach out for when we want to look chic. They are represent our generations sense towards fashion. It does not look like crop top is going any-where any-time soon. Crop tops have been the hottest and latest fashion trends because of many reasons. There are so many ways we can style them up. crop top does not only mean bared belly button. There are some of ways to style crop top so that we show only hint of skin, and not whole stomach.

crop top
crop top

4. Speghetty top

Spaghetti tops are a fancier version of camisoles. They are pretty enough to be worn as outerwear. They can be paired with denims, shorts or even skirts. They are mainly characterized by the dainty noodle straps. Spaghetti tops are ideal for layering; you can create a magnitude of looks by teaming them up with shrugs, jackets or blazers.

speghetti top
speghetti top

2. Jeans

Nothing could replace nice pair of jean. If we are talking about range, there is dizzying array of cut and styles. Jeans are most worn out clothes from our wardrobe. They can easily dressed up, easy to carry & comfortable. we understand the power of good pair of jeans. Right pair of jeans instantly uplift spirit and give confidence. Jeans are everyones favourite apperal, from school going girl to office women all preffer to wear a jeans on a daily basis. Our wordrobe can not be complete without jeans. Jeans are made from denim fabric and there are so many varieties in denim also. Jeans also have variety in patterns from high waisted to ripped one, skinny to boot cut jeans.

  • Skinny Jeans
  • High Waisted Jeans

1. Skinny jeans

Some jeans styles come and go, but there is one style can not shake it’s skinny jeans. From flattering fit to streamlined silhouette, these slim bottom wear are more than trend, it’s a essential ripped jeans. Skinnuy jeans loos great with all kind of tops, froom tsirts to shirt, from crop tops to off shoulder one. Skinny jeans highlight our figure and make look more stylish.

skinny jeans
skinny jeans

2. high waisted jeans

high waisted jeans are also called mom jeans, it’s an old fashion style which cxame again in trendz, High waisted jeans are mostly paired with crop tops. Main purpose is to display and show off perfect fit on waist , high waisted jeans are goes higher than navel. Perfect high waisted jeans, there is no matter about cut, will highlight waist and hips, give body the perfect shape And also these jeans elongate our legs.

high waisted jeans
high waisted jeans

3. Dresses

Dresses are most elegant and sophisticated outfits. It’s easy to wear & enhance our elegant appearance instantly. Here we will te;ll you about Types of Dress that will rock on you. Dresses are available in so many varieties, from long to short one, from full sleeves to speghetty dress, from only prints to dress with sequins one, for casual day out to high sophisticated party. You can get a;ll kind of dresses as per your requirement and you wil dazzel in it. All we need to do is add touch of accessories which will complement the dress.

  • Maxi Dress
  • Midi Dress

maxi dress

Maxi dress is best clothing item for summer holidays. We just can’t beat that how maxi dress perfectly feets for beach outfit, or weaving in a market on hot city break. It is the classic day to night summer outfit. We can wear it over our bikini with flipflops during whole day, and can add denim jacket and some gold accessories for night. It’s Practical and comfy for traveling, and I easily stuff inside a suitcase.

maxi dress
maxi dress

Midi dress

Whenever the hot weather starts, we realized that we want the comfortable and trendy outfit to wear. We can’t wear jeans on the daily basis on this hot summer. Midi dresses are the best outfit for hot summer. And if you pick a floral pastel color midi which is in trends right now, you gonna love it for sure. Midi dress is a outfit we can style in so many different ways and can get different looks for different occasion. For a casual look, you can keep it simple or for some friends meeting or day out you can add a jacket over it. Layering always goes perfectly with the midi dresses.

midi dress
midi dress
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